Functional Orthodontics

Integrative Orthodontics

Integrative dental orthodontics includes the recognition, interception, re-direction, and correction of malocclusion, as well as addressing neuromuscular, skeletal, and soft tissue dysfunctions. Traditional orthodontic treatment alone does not guarantee perfectly straight teeth for the rest of your life. In fact, when underling issues such as tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, and tongue tie are not dealt with relapse is high.

Your entire wellbeing is important to us, which is why we often incorporate myofunctional therapy and other treatments into your orthodontics experience. In general, integrative orthodontics looks at accomplishing the following:

Breathing and muscle training
Arch development
Facial growth guidance
Dental alignment

Bent Wire System (BWS)

The BWS is a light-wire appliance that is effective in gaining anterior arch development and space for canine teeth. It allows arch development and anterior dental alignment to be combined without encroaching on the natural position of the tongue. Often, we recommend the BWS in conjunction with other appliances, such as the Myobrace, to ensure that the underdevelopment of the jaws and negative myofunctional habits are addressed.


Myobrace appliances aim to correct poor myofunctional habits including mouth breathing, tongue thrust, incorrect swallowing, and incorrect lip and tongue function. Though the Myobrace is best suited for children between the ages of three to fifteen there are numerous positive benefits for adults too, including getting you to breathe through your nose.

The appliances are designed not only to straighten teeth, but also to treat the underlying causes of crooked teeth by correction poor oral myofunctional habits. The appliance is worn one to two hours each day and while sleeping. This combined with simple, yet effective exercises improve general health and minimizes the need for orthodontics, especially for children who started using the appliance early in their facial and jaw development.


An MSE appliance is an effective surgical free treatment used to expand the upper jaw. This treatment enlarges the nasal and oral cavity resulting in maximum airflow. It can also create more space for the tongue to sit in its proper position, which further assists in airflow. Treatment typically takes four to six months to complete. An MSE may be a great option for you if you are suffering from an airway disorder or sleep apnea.

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