Mouth Breathing

How We Breathe Matters

We all know that breathing is important. At times breathing may seem so automatic that you don’t even think about the it! However, how you breathe and how well you breathe play a significant role not only in your dental health, but also your entire wellbeing. It truly does matter and impacts your health and happiness.

How We Breathe Matters

Our bodies are designed to breathe through the nose, but when our airways are obstructed our bodies will automatically adjust to get oxygen through the mouth. Breathing through the mouth increases the risk of cavities, gum disease, tooth decay, and chronic bad breath. When you breathe through your nose you actually increase the production of saliva which neutralizes acid and rinses away harmful oral bacteria. Nose breathing also aids in the proper development of the upper airway, skeletal structures, and dental growth.

Unsure if you are a mouth breather? Here are some common signs and symptoms:

Dry lips and mouth
Snoring and open mouth while sleeping
Chronic sinus and ear infections and colds
Swollen and red gums that bleed easily
Clinching and grinding

When mouth breathing is left unresolved it can negatively impact your life resulting in developing chronic diseases such as:

Gastroesophageal reflux disease
Anxiety and Stress
Type II diabetes
High blood pressure
Cardiovascular disease
Sleep apnea

Mouth breathing is truly a whole-body concern that should be addressed and treated, which is why our team is trained to look for the signs and symptoms of mouth breathing and provide you with treatment that trains your body to breathe properly.

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